Walks and hiking
Rustic walks and hikes

We love specialist groups, whether it is birds, insects, butterflies, plants and trees, land care, land restoration, the more the merrier. The ongoing research to the road back to Nature in balance continues.

Mhlopeni has something for every visitor, including guided walks, waterfalls and pools for all to enjoy.

Ancient and modern history provides the enthusiast a glimpse into archeological sites, from early stone to iron age, findings, dating back to 250 000 years ago.  Holding artifacts of these eras is a truly unique experience.

stone age
Guided iron / stone age archeology trail.

Doze by your campfire as the afternoon fades, blending solitude with millions of stars.

Feel the etheric experience of unwinding in the wild.

If your visit is just to enjoy the colors, where the Aloes bloom June through   August….

… or an educational one, studying this lands’ rich heritage, plant, insect and animal life……

A must for specialist groups.

Fun at the Waterfall

Your visits to Mhlopeni will revive you and be treasured forever.

The waterfall in summer.